Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Headlines

Why Amazon Could Sell 5 Million Tablets in 3 Months
According to Forrester Research, the tablet would have to be priced below $300 and Amazon would have to take steps to avoid supply chain problems that plagued the e-tailer in the past. 

Are Low Price Points the Key to Tackling Apple's iPad?
It looks like tablet makers still have a big hill to climb if they want to catch up to the iPad in terms of sales figures. The problem is that companies can’t supply consumers with what they want as an alternative; high-quality products at rock bottom prices.

OMG!  There's a Sub-$200 7-Inch Tablet
San Jose Mercury News (via Acquire Media NewsEdge)
Critic Troy Wolverton reviews new $190 tab from the Dublin-based manufacturer:  "I've been testing out one of these tablets, the Pandigital Nova, to get a sense of what consumers can expect. I wasn't impressed. With this tablet, you get what you pay for."

Tablet Popularity Surges with Women and Seniors 

Mobile devices aren't just catering to the under-35 set now. Image: Nielsen If you thought tablets were being used only by Angry Birds-flinging youngsters or guys between 25 and 34, think again. Turns out tablets are all the rage with women and seniors.

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