Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today's Headlines

Journalist Reads One Book on Dozens of Device
The New York Times
Nick Bilton:  "...I didn’t just read a book in print, on an e-reader or even on a mobile phone. Instead, I read a book on dozens of devices...I wanted to answer a question I often hear: which e-reader or tablet is the best for reading books?"

Amazon and Walmart Offer Content for iPad That Avoids Apple's Fees
AP (Via
Wal-Mart Stores and on Wednesday revealed new video and book-reading services that are designed for the iPad but bypass Apple's  fees on content sales.  Wal-Mart started to stream video from its Vudu service to the iPad's Web browser, and Amazon announced the Kindle Cloud Reader, which lets users read e-books.

iPad Streaming Battle Between Viacom and Cablevision Gets Resolved
Just seven weeks after Viacom filed a lawsuit  against Cablevision’s TV-over-iPad app, the companies have resolved the issue. And they’re keeping mighty quiet about the terms.  

Amazon Reportedly Readies Two Color Tablets
Information Week 
Sources are saying that Amazon is entering the tablet market -- starting the tablet wars for real later this year -- with at least two of a line of color tablets targeted directly at Apple’s iPad. Amazon declined comment. The two tablets, 7.1 and 10.1 inches, are reportedly code-named Coyote and Hollywood. The smaller tablet will cost less than $250, sources close to the company said.

Vizio's 8-Inch Tab Now Selling for $299
The Los Angeles Times 
Vizio is hoping to do with tablets what its done with TVs -- become a market leader by selling millions of lower-priced units with higher-end features.  But, in typical Vizio fashion, the company is taking an unorthodox approach to just about everything, including the release of the $299.99 Vizio Tablet.
For example, there's no solid release date. Some stores already have the tablet, others have yet to get them.

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