Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's Headlines

Lesson of TouchPad Failure:  Sell Big or Die Quickly
The New York Times
Big tech companies — especially those in the tablet and smartphone space — are starting to resemble Hollywood film studios. Every release needs to be a blockbuster, and the only measure of success is the opening-weekend gross. There is little to no room for the sleeper indie hit that builds good word of mouth to become a solid performer over time.

Another Lesson of the TouchPad Demise:  Price Matters
 Even though the TouchPad failed at going toe to toe with the Apple iPad before it even got out of the gate, now--at $99--the HP tablet has basically no competition. If nothing else, this shows there's still a real market for a competent bare-bones tablet at the bottom end of the market.

CNN May Acquire Aggregation App Company Zite
The biggest story coming out of the GROW conference in Vancouver was that Vancouver's Zite is apparently in the process of being acquired by CNN for $20-25 Million.

United Airlines Plans to Give 11,000 iPads to Its Pilots
United Airlines, which plans to give iPads to its roughly 11,000,  replacing the approximately 38 pounds of manuals, charts and logbooks that accompany them on every flight with a single 1.5 pound tablet.

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