Friday, August 12, 2011

Today's Headlines

Tablet War Turning Into Rout for Apple
The Wall Street Journal
People don't have tablet fever; it seems they simply have a mania for iPads. The latest evidence: Hewlett-Packard Co. is dropping the price of its TouchPad tablet by 20% little more than a month after it hit stores, as the computer giant tries to goose sales of its answer to Apple Inc.'s iPad.

Samsung Goes to Court Protesting Tablet Ban
On August 25, a German court will hear arguments on whether it should overturn a temporary ban on the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 across the European Union. 
With what is likely to be the first of many smaller-screen Honeycomb tablets to hit store shelves, Acer on Friday is launching its seven-inch Iconia A100 line of tablets.  The new tablets run Android 3.2, the first version of Honeycomb to support the smaller screen resolution.  

Hyundai Cuts Tablet Give-Away Program for New Car Buyers
Hyundai has announced that with the start of the 2012 model year, expecting to roll out to dealerships next month, the free iPad program will be eliminated.

Amazon Takes E-Reading to the Clouds
Technology Review
Yesterday, Amazon launched Kindle Cloud Reader, a Web browser-based version of its popular e-reading platform. Built using HTML5, an emerging standard that lets Web applications function like desktop ones, the Kindle Cloud Reader looks and acts a lot like the Kindle apps created for the iPad, Android tablets, and PCs, even offering the ability to store content so it can be read in the browser offline.


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