Monday, August 29, 2011

Today's Headlines

Samsung May Be Losing Ground with Tablets
A mixed bag of news for Samsung today that underscores the ups and downs it has faced in its bid to overtake Apple and the iPad in the tablet market.

Hard Tablet Choices for Tech Critic:  Seven Inch or Ten Inch?
Critic Sharon Machlin:  "I discovered that since I've become used to the real estate of a full 10-inch (Samsung Galaxy Tab) display, it's hard to downsize"

The Lesson to Be Learned from the $99 Tablet Pricing
The News & Observer
When the TouchPad news broke and HP tablets started showing up for $99 for a 16 GB model, the reaction was so intense that HP's servers and call centers were overwhelmed. That price for a tablet sounds too good to be true and perhaps acts as a wake-up call to those pondering the true value of technology.

Sony's Tablet Now Has a Name and a Launch Date
The official name of the S1 is the Sony Tablet S, which is currently projected to bring its 9.4-inch (1280x768) screen to market in the first two weeks of September.Endgadget doesn't know the price, although the reporters  heard $599 previously -- but there should be more to say about that and the clamshell S2 tablet soon.

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