Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today's Headlines

Barnes & Noble Promotes Back-to-School Sales of Nook with Free Books
Here's the deal:  Buy any Nook today through September 11, get free classic books, study guides and apps. The interesting part is that all the included books are published by Barnes & Noble.

 Will Publishers Leave RIM's PlayBook Out in the Cold?
The Wall Street Journal 
Last week Time Inc. said all its 21 titles will be available on all "leading tablet platforms" by year end.  Absent from Time's announcement, and from other major publishers as well these days, was RIM's PlayBook tablet computer. Since the PlayBook was unveiled last fall, RIM, which has long targeted corporate customers, has struggled to get developers to create consumer apps for the device.

Vizio's $300 Tablet Now Being Shipped
Unwired View

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