Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today's Headlines

HP's TouchPad Turning into Worst Buy at Best Buy
A source who’s seen internal HP reports, tells AllThngsD that Best Buy has taken delivery of 270,000 TouchPads and has so far managed to sell only 25,000, or less than 10 percent of the units in its inventory.

Some U. of Kentucky Freshmen to Receive Free iPads
Lexington Herald-Leader
A group of University of Kentucky freshmen will arrive on campus in the next few days as members of a new technology-based learning community.  The 175 freshmen will be given new iPads and have access to touch-screen technology in the front lobby.

Bloomberg Businessweek
A class-action lawsuit contends that Apple illegally maintained high prices for e-books when it agreed to the publishers' "agency model."
ViewSonic announced the latest in its line of tablets, the dual-booting ViewPad 10pro.The tablet runs Android and Windows 7, but it does so a little differently. Android 2.3 (a phone-optimized operating system, but at least the most recent one) runs as an app on top of Windows 7, and can be launched just like any other app.

Dell Expects Windows 8 and Android to Lift Tablet Market
Dell expects both Windows 8 and Android to be credible options for tablet customers next year, and indicated it plans to offer products built around the two operating systems, a company executive said on Wednesday.

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