Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Demise ofTouchPad Is Zune Moment for Tablets Says EW
Entertainment Weekly
For those of us old enough to remember the last time Apple invented/dominated an entire consumer market, the demise of the HP Touchpad is conjuring up vivid memories of Microsoft’s Zune. The Zune was, by all accounts, as good or better than the 2006-era iPods. People I know who are deeply invested in loving technology and hating Apple assured me that the Zune would satisfy all my music-listening needs. And yet the Zune never recovered from the sense that it was an also-ran.

HP Destroys Non-iPad Tablet Market by Killing TouchPad
After less than two months on sale, HP has pulled the plug on the TouchPad tablet and is so desperate to get rid of them that it is having a firesale,selling the device for as low as $99. But not only has HP killed the TouchPad, it has also single-handedly destroyed the entire non-iPad tablet market.

TouchPads Sell Like Hotcakes After HP Drops Price
The Wall Street Journal
HP's decision to drop the price to as low as $99 for its TouchPad tablets touched off a weekend buying rush that the company called "overwhelming."

How Amazon Can Beat Apple in the Tablet Space
Business Insider
Price.  It would would sense for Amazon to sell a tablet for $200. They badly want a tablet. Selling things at cost, or even at a loss, is nothing new for them. And they have a huge global distribution platform (i.e., their website), which should also lower costs.

Refurbished iPads Selling for Under $300
Apple has a new price on a refurbished iPad (that's an iPad 1, not the latest 2), and it's likely the lowest official price you'll ever pay for the tablet. $299 is the new magic number, for a 16GB iPad Wi-Fi.   

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