Thursday, June 30, 2011

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NIM Busy Building Digital Storefront
Next Issue Media added six magazine titles to its storefront:  The new titles include MeredithCorp.‘s Better Homes & Gardens, Hachette Filipacchi Magazines/Hearst Magazines’ Car and Driver, Time Inc.‘s Sports Illustrated, and Condé Nast’s Glamour Vanity Fair and Wired. They will join inaugural titles Esquire, Popular Mechanics, Fitness and Parents, FortuneTime, and The New Yorker.

HP's TouchPad Lacks the Right Touch, According to Mossberg
The Wall Street Journal
Writes WSJ tech critic Walter Mossberg on the new tablet:  "I've been testing the TouchPad for about a week and, in my view, despite its attractive and different user interface, this first version is simply no match for the iPad. It suffers from poor battery life, a paucity of apps and other deficits."

Avoid the HP TouchPad, Advises Pogue
The New York Times
The NYT tech critic says:  "The TouchPad doesn’t come close to being as complete or mature as the iPad or the best Android tablets; you’d be shortchanging yourself by buying one right now, unless you’re some kind of rabid A.B.A. nut (Anything but Apple)."

Cisco's Cius Tablet Aimed for Work Market
Cisco is the only company that is focusing exclusively on business users with its Cius tablet. While the Cius is not as thin or as light as an iPad, it comes with a replaceable battery and it can fit into a docking station that turns the device into a virtual desktop and an office phone.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today's Headlines

New Kindle Tablet May Support Video Streaming
According to investment firm, Detwiler Fenton, Amazon is working on a new color Kindle tablet that will support various media and will cost $399. It will be codenamed Hollywood and allow for video streaming services.

$100 Tablet for Children Unveiled
The New York Times
Leapfrog unveiled a $100 tablet computer that is designed specifically for children. The new tablet will take the name of LeapFrog’s most successful product — and the most successful educational toy ever made — the LeapPad. The LeapPad has a 5-inch touch screen that is encased in tough plastic, and it includes a still and video camera, a microphone and 2GB of memory.

Africa Gets Its First Android-Based Tablet
Tech Central
Africa now has its first Android-based tablet computer designed and engineered on the continent. No, the device isn’t the brainchild of a company in Johannesburg or Cape Town. Rather, it’s been developed in Congo-Brazzaville.

Pope Uses Tablet to Send First Tweet
BBC News
Pope Benedict XVI has sent his first tweet to launch a Vatican news and information portal on the 60th anniversary of his ordination.  The Pope, 84, tapped an iPad to activate the portal and send the tweet.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today's Headlines

Why NY Post Ranks as Leading Publisher's iPad App
Digital thought leader Larry Kramer says the Post offers both an iPad-optimized look and feel…with the easy navigation and the stunning photos the iPad features…. AND the constantly updating elements of the 24/7 website which are now available whenever the iPad is online. It’s a powerful offering together.

E-Reader Growth Accelerating in Past Few Months
Growth in e-readers has actually accelerated in the last six months, while tablet growth has been relatively flat in recent months after enjoying a steep ramp-up following last year’s launch of the iPad, according the the Pew Internet Study. 

Literary Agency Starts E-Book Division
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management, an agency whose clients include Barack Obama, Joy Bauer and Jacqueline Carey, has announced a new slate of e-book services for its clients. But, it stresses, it is not trying to compete with publishers.

Rumors Fly About Late 2011 iPad 3 Launch
The Register
The iPad was last upgraded as recently as March, but The Register reports hearing from a well-placed source within the UK's biggest satellite broadcaster that a further - presumably pre-Christmas - iPad update is on the cards.

Acer Iconia Tablet Equal to Apple's iPad
For all the grand opera theatrics surrounding tablet computers, such as the iPad,  XOOM or  PlayBook, behind the greasepaint, the truth is no category has crashed into the commoditization deck faster than the tablet PC.How refreshing, then, that Taiwanese computing giant Acer has come to market with a tablet PC that makes at least a little bit of small-business sense: The Iconia Tab.

Singapore Army Lures Recruits with Free iPads 
The Singapore government has found a modern way to persuade recruits to sign up to the army, navy and air force - offer them a free iPad. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's Headlines

Ad Platforms That Cater to Tablets
Mixpo released a platform that lets brand advertisers deploy video campaigns on tablets. Through a Web-based studio, publishers can add interactive pieces to the campaign and tailor the tablet ads based on geography, time of day or message sequencing. 

American Airline Passengers Get Samsung Galaxy Tab
The Seattle Times
Beginning later this year, the handheld tablet will be offered as an entertainment device for business- and first-class passengers on several transcontinental routes and some international flights to Europe and South America (third item down).

Get Ready for the OnlineShopping Revolution Via Tablet
According to new research, the next phase of the e-tail boom will see consumers increasingly using the Ipad and tablet computers when shopping online. The research carried out by shopping search engine, Shopzilla, said retailers should therefore be preparing for a ‘tablet revolution’, as online shopping via iPads and similar tablet devices is set to rocket in popularity, following the lead of the US.

HP Rolling the Dice on TouchPad Tablet
Bloomberg BusinessWeek (via San Francisco Chronicle)
The TouchPad is part of a big gamble that began last year with HP's $1.3 billion purchase of Palm and webOS: to build an ecosystem of its own, despite a landscape littered with the carcasses of others that tried.

Man Admits to Writing Script that Hacked iPad User Data
A San Francisco man has admitted writing the code that plucked personal data of 120,000 early iPad adopters from servers AT&T had left wide open to the attack.

Games Rank as Most Popular NOOK Apps
Four of of the top five NOOK apps are games: Angry Birds, Astraware Mahjong, Quickoffice Pro, Drawing Pad and Aces Jewel Hunt.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's Headlines

No Surprise Here:  Apple Snags Nearly 100% of U.S. Tablet Web Traffic
Apple's iPad currently accounts for 97% of all tablet web traffic in the United States, and 89% of tablet traffic across all other markets, according to Comscore's new digital measuring service, Device Essentials.

Average Tablet Owner Spends $53 a Year on Apps
Content producers eager for app revenue may not be overjoyed to hear this latest news from a study by the Online Publishers Association:  over 90 percent of US tablet computer users have downloaded applications and most have bought apps (good news), spending over $50 on average during the past 12 months (not so good news).

Why Non-iPad Tablets Aren't Selling
There was an overall sense that this tablet market is still very young and that different sizes and form factor products may eventually eclipse the iPad, but not without a better investment in marketing and the overall user experience than what currently exists in the market.

Tablets with Killer Features (and no, we're not talking about iPad)
A roundup of tablets with cool features that the iPad doesn't have like the G-Slate with its ability to capture 3-D video. 

Critic Favors the New Nook Over Amazon's Kindle
The Boston Globe
Hiawatha Gray:  "...the new entry-level Nook for $139, a worthy rival for the low-cost Amazon Kindle, which can cost as little as $114. After a head-to-head comparison, I could be happy with either, but it was the Nook that usually found its way into my hands."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's Headlines

Amazon Tablet May Launch Later This YearDigiTimes
Amazon is poised to step into tablet PCs and will launch models as son as August-September, with targeted global sales of four million units for 2011, according to Taiwan-based component makers.
The timing of launch is to meet the peak sales period prior to Thanksgiving in the US and the year-end holidays in the US and Europe, the sources pointed out.

E-Books Help Barnes & Noble in Its Latest Quarterly Results
The Wall Street Journal
The company told financial analysts that Barnes & Noble now controls an estimated 26% to 27% of the mushrooming  e-book market and disclosed that digital books were now outselling physical books by 3-to-1 on the retailer's website.

Hipmunk Sees the Future of Travel Search Through an iPad
The New York Times
The company hopes to attract a broader audience with its new mobile application by creating an experience that meshed with consumer behavior and did not try and force browsers to book travel from their mobile device.

Six Reasons to Consider OnSwipe for Tablet-Friendly Websites
Onswipe, a new product that launched yesterday, helps news publishers easily set up a tablet-friendly version of their websites for iPad users and will help sell premium ads on those sites.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today's Headlines

Consumers Want iPads, Not Tablets
A recent survey by Bernstein Research found that success in the tablet market may well be dependent on how similar a manufacturer’s offering is to the iPad.

Here Come the Business Tablets
Consumers have spoken.  It's clear they love the iPad, they want more tablets, and perhaps most importnatly, they want them in the office. 

What's Special About the Coming Toshiba Thrive Tablet?
Writer Melissa Persenson's conclusion:  "...tucked neatly along the edges of the Thrive are: an SD Card slot and USB port; mini-USB; and a full-size HDMI port. That's all in addition to the seemingly-standard docking port, found on all of today's tablets. Those four ports translate to some extraordinary possibilities that expand just how you may be able to maximize using this Android tablet..."

Toshiba Delays Regza Tablet in Japan
Toshiba’s Regza AT300 Japan-only tablet will  miss its expected June arrival date.  It will be available in Japan sometime in July. 

Faltering RIM Still Expects Strong Playbook Sales
The Wall Street Journal
RIM, which makes BlackBerry phone devices, expects strong sales of its PlayBook tablet computer that will take on comparable products from Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Regional Managing Director for Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia Gregory Wade told Dow Jones Newswires.

Tablet Shipments Will Pass E-Reader Shipments Next Year
Computer Business Review
Tablet shipments is forecast to outpace e-reader shipments by 2012 as tablets offer consumer with multimedia functionality, like web browsing, video and gaming, in addition to reading experience, according to market intelligence research firm In-Stat report.

Huawei Tablet Set for Q3 Launch
The Wall Street Journal
Huawei Technologies Co., a major vendor of telecommunications equipment, will start selling a seven-inch tablet device called MediaPad that runs Google Inc.'s Android operating system in the third quarter.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Today's Headlines

For First Time Ever, Nook Tops Kindle in Consumer Reports Rankings of E-Readers
Consumer Reports
Now that Consumer Reports has tested the Nook in its labs, it actually scores a few points above the Kindle in company tests. That's a first. 

Apple Recalls Faulty iPad 2's
Apple has halted deliveries of  a small number of iPad 2s that run on the Verizon network because of a manufacturing error.

Apple Jittery as Galaxy 10.1 Tablet Arrives
International Business Times
Just as Galaxy Tab 10.1 potential customers get ready to lay their hands on the thinnest tablet, it is reported that Apple has upped its legal ante against Samsung. Apple has refurbished its earlier patent lawsuit filed against Samsung.

Wikipedia Develops Comparison Chart of E-Readers
More than a dozen are listed. 

New York Post iPad Paywall Stirs Trouble
The paper's move basically makes its content unavailable to iPad users who do not pay for the New York Post's dedicated iPad app. An iPad landing page now redirects readers to the App Store, instead of an ad on the full website promoting the app, as previously employed.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Today's Headlines

Dog Bites Man:  Apple to Rule Tablet Marketplace Says Analyst
Sanford Bernstein chip analyst Stacy Rasgon predicts Apple will dominate tablets with the iPad having sold 19.5 million units in year one, triple the comparable metric for the iPhone, and double what netbooks did, despite a higher price for the iPad.

Faltering Blackberry Sales Makes RIM Black and Blue
But latest financial results from company point to strengths in its Playbook tablet with 500,000 sold, beating analyst forecast. 

About Face!  Facebook Finally Prepping iPad App
The New York Times
For more than a year after the iPad went on sale, there wasno official Facebook app for it.
That is about to change. People briefed on Facebook’s plans say that in coming weeks the company plans to introduce a free iPad application that has been carefully designed and optimized for the tablet.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today's Headlines

Microsoft May Produce Its Own Branded Tablet PC
Microsoft is reportedly considering to launch an own-brand tablet PC that features Windows 8 by the end of 2012 with cooperation from Texas Instruments and Taiwan-based OEMs/ODMs, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. However, Microsoft did not confirm the rumor.

Toshiba's Thrive Tablet Now Available for Pre-Order
Toshiba's 10.1-inch, Wi-Fi-only Thrive tablet  can now be preordered on, Office Depot's Web site, and Toshiba's own online retail page. The device, which starts at $429.99 for the 8GB option and goes up to $479.99 and $579.99 for the 16GB and 32GB models, respectively, runs Android 3.1 It includes front- and rear-facing cameras, as well as a host of connectivity options, including USB 2.0, Mini USB, and HDMI.

Tablet Fever Cools for Acer as It Revises Forecast
The Wall Street Journal
Taiwanese personal computer maker Acer Inc. on Wednesday revised down its forecasts for full-year notebook and tablet PC shipments, saying its products have faced increasing competition from Apple Inc.'s iPad, while the economic recovery in Europe, its key market, remains slow.

Comparison of App Portfolios from Major Magazine Publishers
PaidContent offers a chart revealing the types of apps offered by four major magazine publishers. 

Magazines to Benefit from Digital Subscriptions
PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that consumer magazines in North America collectively took in about $4 million last year in digital  circulation revenues; by 2015, that will climb to $611 million. For newspapers, the growth curve is flatter: from $150 million in 2010 to $331 million in 2015.
Critic John Abell:  "I’ve been testing the newest black and white version of Barnes & Noble’s e-reader, and, well, you can color me impressed."

Friday, June 10, 2011

Today's Headlines

Apple Eases Rules for App Store
The Wall Street Journal
In a reversal, .Apple relaxed its guidelines for digital content sales through its App Store, giving in to publishers and other content owners that had balked at the restrictions.  The changes give newspaper, magazine and video publishers more freedom over how they price and sell their content to owners of Apple's devices.

First Review of HTC Flyer Tablet
Dustin the reviewer says,"The HTC Flyer is full featured and fun to use, with the stylus option that increases this quick tablet beyond the regular media-consuming customer. The Stylus is an extra $80, but for those creative, artistic types, it will be well worth the extra money."

E-Readers Move Forward
The New York Times
Columnist David Pogue offers wise advice to consumers:  "But remember that buying an e-reader means locking yourself into that company’s bookstore. Idiotic, incompatible copy-protection schemes mean that you can’t read a Kindle book on a Nook, or a Nook book on a Kobo, or a Sony book on an iPad. So carefully consider which corporation you want to marry"

Hearst Opens App Lab:  Will White Lab Coats Be Optional?
The lab is not in any way an Apple-type store, but is rather intended to serve as a “think tank” for marketers and ad agencies who work with Hearst. The most impressive piece in the room is a large iPad-like touchscreen mounted on the wall.

Ad for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Mocks iPad
Samsung’s latest video for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, shows the slim-line tablet touting all of its impressive credentials with its Flash integration used to mock a user of Apple’s second-gen tablet, a device that famously lacks the ability to play Flash content.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today's Headlines

New Nintendo Wii Has Tablet-Like Features
The Wall Street Journal
Nintendo's new controller is likely to attract the most attention, emulating the touchscreen technology Apple  popularized with its iPhones and iPads. Such devices have come to compete more seriously as game devices with products from Nintendo and other console makers.

Business Insider
Apple will accelerate its iPad and iPhone release schedule to 2 upgrades a year to better compete with the onslaught of competitors, thinks Adnaan Ahmad of Berenberg Bank.
PC sales have declined in the first quarter of 2011, and many are blaming the tablet. According to a recent IHS iSuppli report, PC shipments in the first quarter of 2011 worldwide were 81.3 million, which is a slight decrease from the same period last year when 81.6 million PCs were sold during the same period.
Independent publisher Branko Brkic is overwhelmed by the response to the news released on Wednesday that he will soon be launching Africa’s first daily iPad newspaper.  It's called The Daily Maverick.
Mark Mahaney of Citigroup, says that Amazon is going to sell 17.5 million units of the device in 2011 alone, and another 26 million next year.  Mahaney also believes that Kindle readers and books are going to earn the company over $6.1 billion next year, almost 10 percent of its overall revenue.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Daily Tab

Apple to Launch Digital Newsstand
The Wall Street Journal
Apple announced a digital newsstand similar to the iBooks store, to sell iPad and iPhone editions of newspapers in magazines all in one place. Until now, iPad users may have to scramble across three different apps to buy copies of three different newspapers and magazines.Count this as Apple’s latest effort to help/crush the media companies.

The iPad Is for Reading:  First Thoughts on Apple's Digital Newsstand
TechCrunchMuch like its iBooks app is a store for digital books, Newsstand will be an online magazine rack where you can keep and organize all of your newspaper and magazine app subscriptions.Apple clearly is emphasizing that the iPad is for reading.

FT Apps Avoid iTunes Store
The Register
The Financial Times is bypassing iTunes with the launch of its new iPad and iPhone application.
The pink paper said readers should switch immediately to the browser application. There is also a version for Samsung's Galaxy.

Apple Predicted to Sell 8 Million iPads This Quarter
Business Insider
Based on numbers shared during Apple's WWDC keynote this morning, the company is on track to sell 8 million iPads this quarter.  Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray noticed that Apple said it had sold 25 million iPads to date. That's a rate of about 87,000 per day, which amounts to almost 8 million for the quarter.

New iPad App Allows Users to Discover if Medical Professionals Are Licensed
The Newark Star Ledger
An app unveiled June 6 by the New Jersey's consumer watchdog agency allows users to search a database of nearly 600,000 professionals certified by New Jersey, from doctors and dentists to morticians and acupuncturists In a matter of seconds, the Apple gadgets can suss out whether a nurse is properly licensed or if an accountant has ever been disciplined for cooking the books — essential bits of information for anyone shopping around.

Monday, June 6, 2011

iPad Production May Drop by 36% 
Following the deadly explosions at the Apple assemble plant Foxconn  last week, an analyst has predicted that iPad production could drop as much as 36 percent in the third quarter.

RIM Playbook 2 May Be Ready For Holidays
Device may be available with 10-inch screen and white exterior.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Make Exclusive NYC Debut This Week
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 hits the shelves in New York City’s Union Square Best Buy on June 8, exclusively available from the store for over a week. The tablet won’t roll out in wider release until 10 days later, on June 17. 

Knoxville Daily Newspaper Editor Frustrated by Not Being on the Kindle
The Knoxville News Sentinel
Editor Jack McElroy:  "The Kindle has been a bit of a frustration for the News Sentinel. We have been sending our content to Amazon for quite a while now, but it still is not being pushed to the Kindle store. Dealing with digital-distribution giants can be a puzzle for a local publisher, but we expect soon that well-read Knoxville will have the local paper available for e-reading."

Fifth Graders Receive Nooks for Summer Assignments
Fifth graders at Schuylkill Valley Middle School outside of Philadelphia will be taking home Nook e-readers. The devices will be filled with digital copies of books for students to read over summer break.

Which E-Reader Should Consumers Buy?
San Jose Mercury News
A comparison of the major e-readers currently on the market. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Today's Headlines

Adobe CEO Predicts Android Will Overtake Apple's Tablet Lead
Adobe’s Shantanu Narayen:  "What you saw with smartphones hitting an inflection point with Android, you’ll see it again with tablets."  At the D conference, he also named both HP and RIM as two companies that will gain traction in the enterprise. Both of those platforms also support Flash.

JP Morgan Report:  iPad Rivals Going Nowhere Fast
The New York Times
Technology companies who hoped to outdo the Apple iPad by offering alternate slate-like products are not seeing the demand they hoped for from consumers, according to an analyst’s report issued by JPMorgan Chase.

HP's TouchPad Could Become iPad's Top Rival
The author offers ten reasons including HP's understanding of hardware design and its control of software design.

Nook Emerges as an iPad Competitor
Aliso Viejo (part of Patch)
When looked at as a tablet rather than an e-reader, it turns out the Nook Color is the iPad's biggest competitor, capturing half the non-iPad tablet market with some 3 million units shipped, compared with iPad's 20 million for the last year.

Tablets Will Outsell PCs Says Apple's Tim Cook
Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope has been talking with Apple executives and he claims that Apple's Tim Cook predicted that there's "no reason why the tablet market shouldn't eclipse the PC market over the next several years,"

iPad Rivals Cutting Back on Production Due to Lagging Sales
As a result of the "weak showing" of products such as Motorola's Xoom, Research In Motion's PlayBook, and Samsung's Galaxy Tab, many tablet makers have cut back on their plans to build tablets by around 10 percent this year.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today's Headlines

Report:  iPad 3 Coming in Early 2012 
The iPad 3 could be released early next year, according to Taiwanese industry sources. While many had hoped we'd see an update to the wonder tablet towards the end of this year, it's likely Apple is still certifying components for use in the device DigitTimes reports.

In Hong Kong, iPad 2 Buyers Are Required to Purchase More Products
The Wall Street Journal
Fortress, Hong Kong’s dominant electronics and home appliances retailer, has since Thursday suspended standalone sales of iPad 2s with 3G wireless connectivity. Customers looking to purchase 3G iPads at Fortress must also buy another electronic product, or a Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad 2, as part of the same purchase.

The Latest E-Reader Comparison Chart
Comparisons of six dedicated e-readers including devices from Amazon, Kobo and Sony. 

Free Articles from the Web Pushed to Kindle Owners
Business Insider
Users can sign up for the new service Delivereads and it will push some great articles straight to their Kindle  in easy-to-read format every week.

Writes critic Melissa Perenson:  "I can’t say that the Nook is the absolute best e-reader available today, but it comes close. Nook gets marked down for its terrible button design and inconsistent contrast; and yet, it wins favor for its interface and touch navigation."
The Telegraph 
A Chinese teenager was so desperate to acquire the new iPad 2 that he sold one of his kidneys for about $3,000 to pay for it, according to reports.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today's Headlines

Rolling Stone Founder Dismisses Tablets for Magazines
Advertising Age
Jann Wenner says it will take a long time before magazine readers take to tablets:  "You're talking about a generation at least, maybe two generations, before the shift is decisive."

The 7 Deadly Apps That Apple Store Employees Use Every Day
Business Insider
Yelp and iTranslate (for foreign customers) and numbers 1 and 2.

iPads Becoming a Sailor's Best Friend
The New York Times
Software to help sailors navigate their yachts have made computer tablets a valued piece of equipment on deck.The apps, most of them available only for the iPad, work to ease planning and can be used to control a broad range of functions, including security systems and onboard environment.

NY Times Drives Unusual Deal for Lincoln-Sponsored iPad Subscribers
The 100,000 New York Times readers who received free 2011 Web subscriptions sponsored by Lincoln are now being offered access to the iPad app for $35 through the rest of the year.

3M Invests in E-Reading Firm
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
3M said Tuesday it has invested in txtr GmbH, a Berlin-based e-reading technology company.