Friday, June 10, 2011

Today's Headlines

Apple Eases Rules for App Store
The Wall Street Journal
In a reversal, .Apple relaxed its guidelines for digital content sales through its App Store, giving in to publishers and other content owners that had balked at the restrictions.  The changes give newspaper, magazine and video publishers more freedom over how they price and sell their content to owners of Apple's devices.

First Review of HTC Flyer Tablet
Dustin the reviewer says,"The HTC Flyer is full featured and fun to use, with the stylus option that increases this quick tablet beyond the regular media-consuming customer. The Stylus is an extra $80, but for those creative, artistic types, it will be well worth the extra money."

E-Readers Move Forward
The New York Times
Columnist David Pogue offers wise advice to consumers:  "But remember that buying an e-reader means locking yourself into that company’s bookstore. Idiotic, incompatible copy-protection schemes mean that you can’t read a Kindle book on a Nook, or a Nook book on a Kobo, or a Sony book on an iPad. So carefully consider which corporation you want to marry"

Hearst Opens App Lab:  Will White Lab Coats Be Optional?
The lab is not in any way an Apple-type store, but is rather intended to serve as a “think tank” for marketers and ad agencies who work with Hearst. The most impressive piece in the room is a large iPad-like touchscreen mounted on the wall.

Ad for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Mocks iPad
Samsung’s latest video for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, shows the slim-line tablet touting all of its impressive credentials with its Flash integration used to mock a user of Apple’s second-gen tablet, a device that famously lacks the ability to play Flash content.

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