Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today's Headlines

Why NY Post Ranks as Leading Publisher's iPad App
Digital thought leader Larry Kramer says the Post offers both an iPad-optimized look and feel…with the easy navigation and the stunning photos the iPad features…. AND the constantly updating elements of the 24/7 website which are now available whenever the iPad is online. It’s a powerful offering together.

E-Reader Growth Accelerating in Past Few Months
Growth in e-readers has actually accelerated in the last six months, while tablet growth has been relatively flat in recent months after enjoying a steep ramp-up following last year’s launch of the iPad, according the the Pew Internet Study. 

Literary Agency Starts E-Book Division
Dystel & Goderich Literary Management, an agency whose clients include Barack Obama, Joy Bauer and Jacqueline Carey, has announced a new slate of e-book services for its clients. But, it stresses, it is not trying to compete with publishers.

Rumors Fly About Late 2011 iPad 3 Launch
The Register
The iPad was last upgraded as recently as March, but The Register reports hearing from a well-placed source within the UK's biggest satellite broadcaster that a further - presumably pre-Christmas - iPad update is on the cards.

Acer Iconia Tablet Equal to Apple's iPad
For all the grand opera theatrics surrounding tablet computers, such as the iPad,  XOOM or  PlayBook, behind the greasepaint, the truth is no category has crashed into the commoditization deck faster than the tablet PC.How refreshing, then, that Taiwanese computing giant Acer has come to market with a tablet PC that makes at least a little bit of small-business sense: The Iconia Tab.

Singapore Army Lures Recruits with Free iPads
The Singapore government has found a modern way to persuade recruits to sign up to the army, navy and air force - offer them a free iPad. 

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