Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's Headlines

Microsoft Fighting Apple's App Store Trademark
The Register
As part of its battle, Microsoft has hired a linguistic expert, Dr. Ronald R. Butters, Professor Emeritus, English and cultural anthropology, at Duke University, who supportsMicrosoft's ongoing claims that the app store name is generic. "The compound noun app store means simply ‘store at which apps are offered for sale’, which is merely a definition of the thing itself – a generic characterization," he writes in a declaration filed with the USPTO.

Tablet Market Heats Up as Lenovo and Asustek Prepare Models
The Wall Street Journal
Both Lenovo’s LePad tablet and Asustek’s product, called Eee Pad Transformer, have 10-inch screens and use Google’s Android operating system.  The devices are already sold in China. 

World's Worst-Named Tablet Ready to Be Released
Good Gear Guide
At an event in Sydney, Australia today, Acer unveiled its iPad competitor the Iconia A500 Android tablet. It's set to hit Australian retailers in mid-April.  It boasts a ten-inch screen and it runs the Honeycomb operating system. 

Did Steve Jobs Give President Obama an iPad 2?
The Daily Mail
The London Daily speculates that Steve Jobs gifted the technology-challenged President an iPad 2 in February. 

Office Depot to Begin Selling RIM's Playbook
All Things D
The office supply giant joins Best Buy, Radio Shack and Staples that will offer the tablet on April 19. 

With Close to 3 Million in Sales, Color Nook May Be iPad's True Rival
The Pop Herald
Nook Color doesn’t have a camera, but many believe that the cheaper asking price of the Nook Color (compared to other Android tablets), is one of the reasons why it reached millions of sales. Plus, the Nook Color is a WiFi only-like “tablet,” so it’s carrier-independent.

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