Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today's Headlines

Review Roundup of iPad 2 Announcement
An aggregation -- with links -- of seven reviews by bloggers of yesterday's iPad 2 announcement. 

Jobs Returns to the Spotlight to Unveil iPad 2
The Wall Street Journal
Steve Jobs surprised Apple press conference attendees as he took the stage to unveil the iPad 2.  He displayed the thinner, lighter iPad 2 and threw in some digs are the tablet rivals that are circling his popular tablet device. 

A Hands-On Critique of iPad 2
The Washington Post
Writer Rob Pegoraro's assessment:  "After Wednesday morning's unveiling of the iPad 2, Apple invited attendees to try out the hardware up close for the next hour or so.I only needed a minute to confirm one of Apple's claims: Yes, it's thin. At .34 inches,  it makes a MacBook Air look fat."

iPad 2:  Let's Be Kind and Call it iPad 1.5
The Register
A tough look at the new version of Apple's tablet:  "(A)t 1.3 pounds..., it remains a handful. Its display hasn't been upgraded, nor has its 30-pin proprietary port, nor has its maximum flash-storage allotment."

Review of Remote Control Apps from Cable Companies
The New York Times
Writer David Pogue's clever assessment of iPad apps that let you control your cable box and watch tv programs on your  iPad. 

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