Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today's Headlines

Amazon to Launch Online App Store
The world's largest online retailer is opening a virtual store at some undetermined date to sell apps for Android devices.  Amazon is expected to take 30 percent of the app sale revenue.  Aaron Rubenson of Amazon will oversee the venture. 

What the iPad 2 Can Teach Google
PC Magazine
With Apple predicted to announce its second tablet on the way, Google should be paying attention if it wants   Honeycomb—and Android as a whole—to thrive.

Japanese Phone Manufacturers Hope to Capitalize on Android's Surge
The New York Times
Cellphones in Japan are extremely sophisticated but they haven't been popular abroad.  But major manufacturers like Sony Ericsson and Sharp are eying overseas markets.

Eight Reasons Motorola's Xoom Is Better Than the iPad
Reasons number 4 and 5:  It has Flash and it has front and rear cameras.

Apple Doesn't Have to Worry About this Misfit Toy
A harsh look at the Motorola Xoom.  Includes video review. 

Apple Battles Microsoft's "App Store" Challenge
What's in a name?  Plenty, according to this battle brewing between Apple and Microsoft.  Apple is defending its effort to trademark the phrase "App Store" against a Microsoft challenge, arguing the term is no more generic than the software giant's trademarked "Windows."

No More Toasters:  Conn. Back to Offer Free Kindles with New Bank Accounts
The Hartford Courant
The People's United Bank of Hartford, Conn., is offering the deal

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