Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today's Headlines

Robust Market Develops for Used iPads
The New York Times
Gazelle, a company that buys and sells used electronics equipment, has already purchased more than 7,000 first-generation iPads.  The copmpany is paying between $300-$500 for each device. 

10 Cool Tips to Master the iPad
Among them:  common keyboard shortcuts, smarter searches and closing background apps.

Apple's Incredible iPad Business
Business Insider
Dan Frommer says that Apple's iPad business could generate $20 billion this year. 

Staples May Carry Motorola Xoom By Early April
Unconfirmed rumors of the device's availability April 3 at the giant retailer. 

$199 Tablet Set to Hit Market in April from IN Media
Slash Gear
It will feature a 7-inch screen, bluetooth, camera, WiFi and a removalbe SD card for storage.   

Google Takes Hit on App Security
The Wall Street Journal
Security experts are criticizing Google for not doing enough to make sure that apps are secure before they are available to smartphone users.  Last week more than 50 malacious apps were uploaded to Google's Android market. 

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