Friday, March 4, 2011

Today's Headlines

Tablets Predicted to Stunt PC Sales
The research firm Gartner revised its forecast for the PC shipments.  Previously Gartner predicted growth of 15.9%; now it sees growth of 10.5%.  The biggest reason:  tablets.

Costco and Sam's Club Selling Motorola's Xoom; Let the Price Cuts Begin
The advertised price at Sam's Club:  $539, with no details on the price plan. 

Table Manufacturers Scramble with Launch Schedules to Battle iPad 2
Citing unknown sources, Digitimes reports that the early launch of iPad2 threw a wrench into launch plans of tablet manufacturers.   They had expected iPad 2 to come out in the second quarter.  Includes thorough chart. 

The New York Times
A report released yesterday by Nielsen revealed that in the U.S. market, Android is the leading software with 29% of the market. 

The Street
Weak competition is cited as cited as the main reason.  For instance:  "Samsung's Galaxy Tab may be exhibit A for Apple's lack of urgency to cut prices. The 7-inch, touch-screen Android device arrived with a big splash in November during a New York debut party, but sales have been harder to track."

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