Friday, March 18, 2011

Today's Headlines

NY Times App to Cost $260 a Year as Company Erects Pay Wall
The New York Times
Readers can access 20 articles a month for free.  Once readers click on their 21st article, they will have the option of buying one of three digital news packages — $15 every four weeks for access to the Web site and a mobile phone app (or $195 for a full year), $20 for Web access and an iPad app ($260 a year) or $35 for an all-access plan ($455 a year).

E-Book Sales Soar in 2011
Sales of electronic books in January increased by more than 115 percent compared to the same time the year before, a report released by the Association of American Publishers.

Thinner iPad 2 Glass May Lead to More Breaks
Apple's decision to shave the iPad 2's profile and reduce its weight may mean a slight increase in broken screens, a repair expert said today.

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