Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's Headlines

Sneak Peek at Dell's Tablet-Netbook Hybrid
The Register
Dell's Inspiron Duo attempts to combine the best of a tablet with the best of a netbook (remember those?).  Read this article to see if it succeeds. 

Why Apple's Stock Plunged Despite Roaring Success of iPad2
Among the causes for the worst drop in nine months:  Apple’s heavy reliance on Japanese components, which  is causing investor jitters in light of last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

Problems in Japan Resulting in Availability of iPad2
Customers who ordered the iPad 2 earlier this week face a wait time of a month or more because of supply chain disruptions resulting from the Japanese earthquake, tsunamis and nuclear reactor troubles. 

Review of iMovie for iPad 2
That tactile interactivity makes video editing more engaging. Users get a better sense of assembling the movie using fingers instead of being once removed by the mouse on a computer.  Four stars (out of five).

Wow, That Was Fast!  Verizon Captures 12% of U.S. iPhone Market
Macworld (from Network World)
Since Verizon began selling the iPhone 4 more than a month ago, it has already snared as much as 12.7 percent of the U.S. iPhone market, according to stats released by ad network Chitika. 

Five Lessons Learned from Magazine Apps
Lesson #2:  hire a veteran Hollywood actor like Travel + Leisure did with Andrew McCarthy to direct your videos.  It helps get your app noticed. 

The Terrible Price of Free:  Reading Jane Austen Via Google's E-Books
The Scholarly Kitchen
Writer Joe Esposito's conclusion:  "Rather than pay for the Penguin or any other edited version of Austen, I decided to be a cheapskate and searched for free Google versions.  And that’s when things began to go wrong.  The Google editions were packed with errors."

The Battle at the Digital Newsstand
eMedia Vitals
There are many questions about the future of digital newsstands.  Speaking Thursday at an event hosted by MPA, executives from Next Issue Media, Pixel Mags and Zinio continued to tease out forthcoming newsstand products. And there was no shortage of panelist digs at Apple's subscription plan.

Good-bye Kindle.  Hello Indle (Yep...Another E-Reading Device)
Vanity Fair
Problem: You’re tempted by the convenience of Amazon’s Kindle or the iPad but don’t want to put your beloved independent bookstore out of business. Solution: the Indle, the new portable electronic reader from DimLight, a nationwide consortium of more than 300 indie book merchants.

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