Monday, October 10, 2011

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The Man Responsible for Developing Innovative Apple Products
The Wall Street Journal
Meet Jonathan Ive, Apple's design chief.  The demands on Mr. Ive likely will grow with the death of Mr. Jobs. Apple depends on just four product lines—computers, music players, smartphones and tablet computers—to drive the lion's share of the more than $100 billion in annual revenue the company is expected to take in this fiscal year.

After racking up an estimated 95,000 pre-orders within the first 24 hours of availability, Amazon’s forthcoming Kindle Fire tablet continues to sell well. Demand for the device shows no signs of slowing. In fact, sources close to Amazon claim the company has been selling upward of 25,000 Fires per day.
This report says Amazon may be selling 50,000 Kindle Fires a day.  That puts the table on track to sell 2.5 million by its November 15 launch. 
Information Week
Analysts at market watcher iSuppli tore down the Kindle Fire and estimated that the total cost of its components is $209.63. Amazon is selling the tablet for $199

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