Monday, October 24, 2011

Today's Headlines

Soon-to-Be-Released Dell Tablet Geared for Business
Tablets Planet
Like many other enterprise market players for PCs Dell is eager to launch a Windows 7 tablet PC for business users, who unlike consumers like to use Windows 7 slates. For their effort the folks at Dell have engineered a new slate named Dell Latitude ST.

One Third of iPad Users Share Their Device
Zite surveyed its users and found that one third of them share their iPads with other members of the family or household, in some cases between three or more people. That’s not a huge number right now, but as tablet adoption grows to include those beyond the early-adopter profile, the number could change.

Tablet Owners Spent a Lot of Time Online
Ad Age
Adult tablet owners age 18-64, the study found, spend almost four and a half hours on the internet each day compared with three hours for non-tablet owners. Interestingly, not all of that difference is made up for with the 55 minutes they spend on the internet with the tablets themselves.

Android Tablet Share Rises to 27%
During the third quarter, more than 4.5 million Android tablets shipped, according to Strategy Analytics.  This represents 27% of the market.  

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