Monday, October 17, 2011

Today's Headlines

Kindle Fire  Raises Privacy Concerns for Rep. Markey
The New York Times
The Kindle Fire is equipped with a Web browser that is partly housed on Amazon’s servers. That will give the retailer opportunities to track customer behavior all over the Web, gathering data and marketing intelligence as it goes. Representative Edward Markey (D-MA)  has concerns about the Fire’s potential implications.

Goldman Sachs:  iPad Hurting PC Market
AllThings D
Goldman revised its PC unit sales forecast downward. Following the latest PC market data from the research firm IDC, Goldman says the demand environment for PCs is “even more difficult than we had previously envisioned.”

First Look at the $700 HTC Jetstream Tablet
Business Insider
Writer Steve Kovach:  "While our snap reaction of the tablet is pretty good after using it for a day or so -- we love the modifications HTC made to Honeycomb -- we can't get over the price tag."

Review of TIME's iPad App
The Blorge
Writer Ron Carlson:  Whereas Time’s editors have clearly spent time and love including, parsing, cutting, building, limiting and presenting to beautiful effect, $5 per issue price presents an untenable value proposition in a world where you can get Netflix for $8 a month."

3.4 Million Android Honeycomb Tablets Have Been Sold
Google and its manufacturer partners are yet to announce official sales figures for tablets running Android, leaving us dependent on supply chain rumors and guesstimates. Android developer Al Sutton reminded us, though, that with a little math we could get an estimate of quite how many Honeycomb slates are in the wild. The number? Roughly 3.4 million.

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