Friday, October 21, 2011

Today's Headlines

Asustek Tablet to Hit Market by End of Year
Asustek Computer Inc. expects to launch a new tablet adopting Google Inc.'s atest Ice-Cream Sandwich platform by the end of this year, Chairman Jonney Shih said Thursday.  The Ice-Cream Sandwich platform adds more app widgets, makes it easier to make folders and switch between applications.

No Surprise Here:  Tablets Outselling Netbooks
ABI Research has just released a report showing that tablet sales for the second quarter of 2011 have far exceeded expectations by selling more units than netbook sales by nearly twice as much. According to a ABi Research, the iPad held 68 percent of the tablet market share for 2Q11, which is just under nine million units. Netbook sales for the same quarter reached 7.3 million. Tablet sales for 2Q11 totaled 13.6 million units.

Zinio and Pixelmags Express Love of Apple's Newsstand
What impact will Apple’s offering have on Zinio, PixelMags and Next Issue Media, all of whom currently offer or are developing digital newsstand apps of their own?  Writer Rob O'Regan's conclusion:  We love Apple Newsstand!  Next Issue Media was more measured. 

Review of Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet
Velocity Micro Cruz T408 ($199.99 direct) suffers from the same problems that plague most discount tablets: an awful screen, an OS designed for phones, and a lack of the Google apps that most people expect from Android devices. While the Cruz T408 performs well, it's too user-unfriendly for the masses.

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