Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today's Headlines

ViewSonic Preps 9.7-Inch Tablet
ViewSonic is taking aim right at the iPad - and would-be HP TouchPad owners - with a tablet sporting a 9.7 inch 4:3 ratio IPS LCD screen.  It will be available in November. 

Las Vegas Schools Gamble on iPads for Students
The Las Vegas Review and Journal
About 1,150 students at the four Las Vegas-area schools were given iPads instead of traditional textbooks, preloaded with Fuse Algebra textbooks and software. Each iPad costs $687, including software, for a total of about $790,000.  Students can watch more than 400 video tutorials, take notes, get instant feedback on problems they miss and other functions.

Motorola Solutions Unveils Tablet for Retailers
The Chicago Sun-Times
Motorola Solutions, known for its bar-code scanners and police and firefighters’ walkie-talkies, showed off Monday a tablet computer that will let retail salespeople help shoppers buy goods, check inventory and compare products from anywhere in the store in real time.

Tablet Showdown Between iPad and Kindle Fire May Not Occur
But the rivalry isn't likely to be a bitter  one. Instead, it might prove mutually beneficial, at least for the next few years. Amazon's store and iTunes have competed for years with little detriment to either. After Steve Jobs began chiding music publishers, iTunes began offering DRM-free songs in April 2007. Amazon, following suit in May, made it that much harder for the labels to keep pushing for DRM.

iPad 3 Could Dominate the Christmas Season
arious tablet computers will top nearly every Christmas wish list. Therefore, it is very likely that Apple will roll out the iPad 3 by the holiday.  But the iPad 3 would still decimate the landscape if the buzz about the display is true.

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