Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today's Headlines

Retailers Unlikely to Cash in on Tablet Craze This Holiday Season
The New  York Times
Chain stores will likely miss out on their usual share of "hot gadget" sales this holiday season as most consumers opt to buy top-selling tablets directly from Apple Inc. and Inc. instead of from big retailers.

Why Amazon Accepts Losing Money (for now) on the Kindle Fire
The company will make money selling services via its tablets, according to this analysis. 

The company expects a “record quarter in terms of device sales,” Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak said, in an earnings call yesterday and both the e-ink readers and Fire “will be great for share owners over time.”
PBS has announced that it will air the first episode of Brian Greene’s “The fabric of the Cosmos" on its free iOS app, one week before its scheduled broadcast.
Smaller tablet computers that are significantly more affordable and portable than the iPad are finally starting to hit the United States -- and they could hit a crucial sweet spot in the consumer market.

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