Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Tablet Strategy Done Right:  Sarah Rotman Epps on the Amazon Kindle Fire
The highly regarded tablet analyst on the September 28 Amazon announced about its tablet:  "Amazon will sell millions of tablets, and the rapidfire adoption of the Kindle Fire will give app developers a reason—finally—to develop Android tablet apps. Apple’s place as market leader is secure, but Amazon will be a strong number two, and we expect no other serious tablet competitors until Windows 8 tablets launch."

Amazon Goes  Up Against Apple with Tablet Announcement
USA Today
Fire boasts some eye-catching innovations, such as its Web browser. Dubbed Silk, Amazon claims it's an exceptionally speedy "split browser" engineered to take advantage of the backbone of the Internet by moving heavy-lifting computations to the cloud. It can also anticipate where a user is going to click next, by exploiting the same technology that helps offer its "customers who bought this also bought this" feature.

Roundup of Amazon Kindle Fire Articles
Editor Richi Jennings compiles a roundup of interesting blog postings about the Kindle Fire.

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