Monday, September 19, 2011

Today's Headlines

Samsung Countersues Apple in Australia
TheWall Street Journal
Samsungwidened a sprawling global patent dispute with Apple Inc. by filing a countersuit in Australia, while also appealing a key ruling in Germany.The South Korean company said Saturday it has filed a lawsuit in Australia alleging Apple's iPhone and iPad 2 tablet violate a number of wireless-technology patents held by Samsung.

News Organizations Muscle Into E-Book Business
The New York Times
Book publishers have to contend with another group elbowing into their territory: news organizations. Swiftly and at little cost, newspapers, magazines and sites like The Huffington Post are hunting for revenue by publishing their own version of e-books, either using brand-new content or repurposing material that they may have given away free in the past.

Is Google Working on a News Reader App?
Demand for slick news aggregation services on mobile devices has not escaped Google’s attention. The company is planning its own mobile news reader application organized around social feeds that would compete with the likes of Flipboard, Zite, Pulse, and AOL’s Editions.

85% of Consumers Think of Apple When Considering a Tablet Purchase
 But that could change.  For every hard-core Apple fanatic, there’s a “Fandroid” that’s willing to throw a smug comment the other way.  If Apple rivals give consumers something more cool, more delicious and less expensive, more people just might bite.

Tablets Will Drive E-Commerce
E-tailers can strategically drive sales at their stores through the tablet and change the buying habits of consumers, argues writer Tim Bajarin. 

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