Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today's Headlines

Tablets Are Now Great Hope of Publishers for Paid Content
Unlike last year, when most publishers said their websites would be the main way they will charge for content, now 42 percent of publishers say tablet apps and digital editions are the primary way they will charge. 

Huge Collection of Comic Books Available on iBooks
IDW Publishing announced that is has added the largest collection of comic and graphic novels to Apple’s iBook store. This is the first time that a comic publisher has offered such a large quantity of digital comics or graphic novels in Apple’s native book reader.

JP Morgan Boosts 2011 Tablet Sales Estimates to Nearly 52 Million
JP Morgan increased its estimates for 2011 tablet shipments to 51.9 million units, citing the strength of Apple's iPad.  The bank also cut the tablet forecasts for next year.  The reason?  A "formidable number two tablet maker" has yet to arrive."

Microsoft May Be Ready for Big Tablet Push
Next week a high-ranking Microsoft Corp executive will stand on stage and show off a new version of Windows on a tablet computer. Windows chief Steven Sinofsky will unveil an early version of its next touch-enabled, tablet-friendly operating system -- code-named Windows 8 -- to independent developers at their annual conference in Anaheim next Tuesday,

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