Friday, September 16, 2011

Today's Headlines

Sharp Decides to Decrease Tablet Production
The Wall Street Journal
In the latest sign of Apple's firm grip on the tablet-computer market, Sharp Corp. said it will scale back sales of its Galapagos tablet later this month by discontinuing two of three models less than a year after their launch.
The Playbook numbers are certainly disappointing, and there was no mention of sell-through, or the number of tablets actually sold to consumers or businesses as opposed to distribution partners.
The Goodereader
PlayBook sales are “well below what we’d like it to be” said co-chief executive officer Mike Lazaridis. A typical sales quarter is about ninety days and recently Apple announced it had shipped out 9.25 million iPads. This means that daily the Apple tablet was shipping out 102,000! So in two days the iPad shipped more then RIM got in the entire 90 day period.
The Wall Street Journal
Critic Walt Mossberg:  "I generally like it, despite some weaknesses and some features that aren’t yet fleshed out because they won’t be fully rolled out at launch. The Tablet S will appeal to buyers who would like a distinctive tablet from a trusted company that doesn’t look like an iPad wannabe."

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