Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's Headlines

Ad-Supported Kindle Begins Shipments Today
During its Q1 conference call with investors yesterday, Amazon revealed that it will begin shipping it ad-supported -- and cheaper -- Kindle on April 27.  It's a week earlier than expected. 

Thin Is In:  Toshiba Readies Super Slim 7-Inch Tablet
Toshiba has taken the wraps off a seven inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen that's a mere millimeter thick.

Magazine Publisher Conde Nast Slows Production of Apps for Tablets
Ad Age
Conde Nast is tapping the brakes on its drive to deliver iPad editions of all its magazines, according to company employees, acknowledging that conditions aren't quite right yet to deliver the ideal app editions at the kind of scale that advertisers want.

Survey Reveals That App Makers Interest in Android Platform Plateauing
The iPad may face increased competition from tablets running Android, but that’s doing little to stoke the enthusiasm of mobile developers, according to a new survey from development software maker Appcelerator. The survey found that interest in developing for Android among Appcelerator’s developers is plateauing, particularly when it comes to creating apps for Android-based tablets

8 Notorious Apps Banned by Tech Giants
PC World
Over the past few years, the teams at Apple, Google and Research in Motion have found themselves pulling applications off their mobile app markets that are deemed either offensive or legally questionable.  Check out the "banned" apps in this fascinating slide show.

The 10 Reasons Why Sony Tablets Will Succeed
Reason #3:  Sony is a household name.  Reason #4:  the design is perfect. 

Where Is the Facebook App for the iPad?
Nearly 20 percent of the top apps being downloaded for the iPad are apps that allow you to use Facebook on the device. And not one of them is actually made by Facebook. Because they refuse to make their own iPad app for some seemingly illogical reason.  Facebook, it’s time.

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