Friday, April 22, 2011

Today's Headlines Joins the Growing Category of News Aggregators
iPad News Hub
The new iPad app gives the news being read by the people you follow on Twitter. The app presents the curated views of the Twitter ecosphere in a seamless interface that will entice you to read those otherwise left-forgotten news items.  It joins the likes of Flipboard and Hitpad.

iPad Supply Beginning to Catch Up with Huge Demand
Customers who want a new Apple tablet device now have to wait just one to two weeks.   The new estimate follows a roller coaster ride that started with an initial and short-lived wait time of only three to five days before hitting a high of four to five weeks not long after after the iPad 2 made its debut.
The Excellent iPad Backlog Debacle
iPad Blorge
Acting Apple CEO Tim Cook did not say how many orders were backlogged, but talked a lot about the problems that are being caused by tardy shipments. Nor is the problem going away: the wait time for a an iPad 2 ordered today is still up to 2 weeks, though that is down considerably from a few weeks ago. Oh, yes, and they are already talking about the iPad 3.

iPad 2 vs Playbook:  See the Video
The two tablets two tablets are pitted against each other in a side-by-side battle that lasts just a tad over twelve minutes of confrontation.

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