Monday, April 4, 2011

Today's Headlines

Smartphone vs iPad:  Which Impacts Your Life More?
Writer Richard MacManus:  "Personally, I use both the iPad and iPhone frequently - but I'd have to say that the iPad has had a bigger impact on my browsing and interaction habits over the past year. For my colleague, it's been the opposite."

Skirmish Develops Between Cable Companies and Cable Networks on the iPad Battlefield
The New York Times
The iPad is becoming the latest battleground in a long-running fight over how TV programs will be delivered in the digital age, and who will deliver them.  Time Warner Cable reaffirmed in a statement that it believed it had “every right to carry the programming on our iPad app” and said it would consider its legal options. The next day, the company it had added several dozen channels to the app, including A&E and Bravo.

iPad 2 Is an Incremental Improvement
The  Seattle Times
Critic Brier Dudley:  "The iPad 2 is a wonderful gadget. I'm still not sure I'd buy one — I've been using a loaned unit from Apple — but I can see why others will. If you're in the market for a Web tablet, it's hard to recommend anything other than the iPad. It defines the category and set expectations for silky performance, elegant design and an endless supply of applications."

How Long Will Cablevision's iPad App Offer Hundreds of Live TV Channels?
Seemingly undaunted by the woes befalling Time Warner Cable’s live TV iPad app — numerous cable networks demanding their channels be pulled from the app — Cablevision has announced its Optimum iPad app, which promises hundreds of channels streamed live to the iPad for subscribers to watch while in their homes.

Florida High School Students Gifted iPads for Upcoming School Year
The Miami Herald
Thanks to an anonymous $1 million donation to the Florida's Lake Wales technology program, each student and teacher will have an iPad beginning in August. 

Staples Preps for Tablet Push
Staples is positioning itself as a tablet PC destination. The No. 1 office-supply chain has launched a pair of educational microsites for the category as it begins a steady rollout of models that started with the Dell Inspiron Duo 10.1 tablet.

Yahoo's Big Plans for Its Tablet Reading App Livestand
With new competitors surfacing in the market for reading applications, Yahoo's still-unreleased Livestand will launch in a space much more crowded than it was when it was announced.But the technology behind the app will ensure it stands out, Yahoo's chief technical officer said this week.  "Over time, I think our ability to deliver the right content to consumers will be unparalleled," Raymie Stata said Thursday.

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