Monday, April 11, 2011

Today's Headlines

RIM Tabs Tablet to Power Rebound
The New York Times
As Research in Motion (RIM)  prepares to introduce its first tablet computer, the Playbook, on April 19, doubts about its future have arguably never been greater.  The Playbook is critical to RIM's future in part because it will be running RIM's’s first all-new operating system since the introduction of the BlackBerry over a decade ago. That software will also be on new phones that the company will release in the coming months.

Survey:  Playing Games Ranks as Leading Tablet Activity
The Guardian
A survey of more than 1,400 tablet owners in the US by Google's AdMob subsidiary has found that gaming is the most popular use for these devices, considerably ahead of music, video and ebooks.  The survey found that 38% of respondents spend more than two hours a day using their tablets, while another 30% spend 1-2 hours. It appears that tablets are predominantly domestic devices, with 82% of people primarily using their tablets at home, versus 11% who say they are used primarily on the go, and 7% who said at work.

Magazine Publishers Warming Up to iPad Editions
The Wall Street Journal
While the publishing industry remains cautious in its attitude about Apple Inc., an increasing number of magazine are moving toward allowing subscriptions on the iPad. Bloomberg Businessweek will start selling subscriptions to an iPad version of its magazine for $2.99 a month on Monday, joining Elle and Maxim among a small but growing number of magazines willing to sign on despite industry-wide concerns about Apple's reluctance to share customer data.

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