Monday, April 25, 2011

Today's Headlines

Barnes & Noble Reintroduces the Color Nook E-Reader with Ad Campaign
The New York Times
The first commercial in the campaign will run on Monday, and a longer 60-second spot will run during the tv show "American Idol" on Thursday. Print ads will run in The New York Times and USA Today.

RIM Pushing to Access to Hulu Content for Its Playbook Tablet
BlackBerry maker RIM (Research In Motion Ltd). said Friday it’s in talks with Hulu about gaining paid access to the video website’s content for users of its new tablet device, the PlayBook.

RIM Needs More from Playbook to Reclaim Its Mobile Mojo
In the first day the Playbook was on the market, RIM was estimated to have sold around 50,000 units.   That isn’t an awful lot considering that Apple  with in the first quarter, sold 55,000 iPads a day assuming a 90-day quarter.

First Look at Lenovo's New Tablet Computer Reportedly Coming This Summer
This Is My Next
The virtually unknown blog "This Is My Next..." just got a hold of a revealing PowerPoint that reveals a new ThinkPad tablet for “on-the-go professionals.” No, this isn’t a Windows 7 convertible like you’d expect — this is a full-fledged Android 3.0 slate complete with an optional pen and an accompanying “keyboard portfolio case.”

Rating the Android Apps for the Royal Wedding
PC World
Here's a sampling of the best, worst and in-between mobile apps, for Android  tablets and smartphones, being touted as indispensable for keeping track of and connected with The Wedding, set for Friday, April 29, at Westminster Abbey in London.

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