Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today's Headlines

Apple Accuses Samsung of Copying Design for Galaxy Tab
The Wall Street Journal
Apple sued rival Samsung Electronics Co., claiming its Galaxy cellphones and tablet "slavishly" copied Apple's iPhone and iPad, in another sign of the escalating intellectual-property tensions in the mobile market. "It's another arrow in their [Apple's] quiver to slow down their closest competitor," said Edward Snyder, an analyst for Charter Equity Research in San Francisco, referring to the suit against Samsung.

Is iPad 2 a Toy?  Device Now Sold at Toys R Us
iPad News Hub
The rumor is true.  The iPad 2 is being sold at the retail giant.

Defending RIM Playbook:  Many Reviews Unfair and Contradictory
Writer Anton Wahlman argues that RIM did not communicate its expectations clearly.  Here's what the company should have said:  "The PlayBook is initially optimized for those who already have a BlackBerry, such as the IT departments of medium-to-large organizations. Through frequent software upgrades over the next few short months, the PlayBook will gain continuously improved capabilities optimizing it for the consumer market and those who don't carry a BlackBerry smartphone."

RIM's Playbook Could Be Sleeper Hit
Despite lackluster reviews for its PlayBook tablet, Research In Motion isn't going anywhere in the mobile-device market thanks to its huge base of business users.  (Video)

If you've got a Playbook and you'd to get some music, pictures, and other goodies on it, but really hate using cords to do so, read this.
The scarce supplies and huge demand worldwide for the iPad 2 are creating a new market in places like New York City, where large groups of "scalpters" or investors” are camping out, often overnight, to buy the device in droves.  A scalper can make as much as $400 a day. 

Moco News
One good guess from is that Apple has started to factor in active usage into its rankings, rather than basing those rankings on downloads alone, which is similar to how Google ranks apps in the Android Market.

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