Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today's Headlines

No Surprise:  iPad 2 Tops Consumer Reports' Ranking of Tablets
Consumer Reports
After almost a year in which the Apple iPad has been virtually the only game in town in tablet computers, some serious competitors are finally hitting the market. Yet in Consumer Reports latest tests of the 10 most-promising tablet computers, the Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and 3G topped the Ratings. Motorola's Xoom ranked second. 

10 Reasons Why Tablets Will Wound But Not Kill Laptops
Reasons #2 and #4:  It's hard to type; Windows.

30 Years of Mobile Computing:  Osborne 1 vs iPad 2
Storm Driver
The Osborne 1 was the cool mobile computer in 1981, the brainchild of Adam Osborne who was bigger than Steve JObs and Bill Gates at the time.  How does it stack up with the iPad 2?

The Sub-$200 Tablet Is Now on Sale
The Archos Arnova 8 (with an 8-inch screen) is now on sale at J&R for $159.99. 

RIM's Playbook Wins Need for Speed
RIM, whose BlackBerry smartphone first caught on with corporate customers, is drawing interest for its PlayBook tablet from developers of consumer applications, including games and magazines.

Dell's 10-Inch Windows Tablet May Arrive in Q3
Back in February, Dell announced it would release a 10-inch, Windows 7-based tablet at some point in 2011. The delivery date for that device, it turns out, won’t be until the fall, according to undisclosed sources in this Forbes story.

Google Books Look Good in the iPad
Google Books just updated its iOS app with search and a good-looking landscape reading mode with page-turning for iPads.Up until now, and perhaps still, the Google Books app isn't as good as Amazon's Kindle app, Apple's iBooks, or Barnes and Noble's Nook app -- but it's gaining quickly.

The Orange County Register
After incoming students at University of California Irvine received free iPads, the school was surprise to hear about one recurring complaint:  the students said they suffered from headaches.  

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