Monday, November 14, 2011

Today's Headlines

First Review of Amazon's Kindle Fire
The Washington Post
Writer Josh Topolsky:  "Can a $200 mini-tablet take on Apple’s behemoth? Can it derail the plans of other Android tablet-makers? And does the release of this product fundamentally change Amazon’s position in the market?The answer is ... maybe. But they have to do some tinkering first."

Tablet Owners Spend More Time Watching Online Video
Tablet users averaged 30 percent more viewing time per session compared with desktops, according to data released this week by Ooyala, a provider of video services to major brands. Tablet users also tended to be more engaged, finishing videos at nearly twice the rate as desktop users.

Tablets Score Big with Pro Sports Teams
The Bucs are one of two NFL teams that have purchased iPads for their players and coaches to use instead of the standard playbook. Baseball and hockey leagues have also taken notice of the advantages of mobile technology.

Harry McCracken Wants a Kindle Fire Phone
McCracken:  "I wondered why no company has taken up the challenge of building…well, the iPhone of Android phones. Something that’s elegant, approachable, uncluttered, and respectful of the consumer’s intelligence...And then it hit me: Why not Amazon??

Collection of Quotes Predicting Failure of Original Kindle
The New York Times
On the eve of the launch of the Kindle Fire, The New York Times takes a moment to look at pundits who predicted the original uni-functional Kindle would tank.

Best Chart Ever Comparing E-Readers
Ten e-readers are compared in an extremely thorough chart analyzing features like content availability to battery life. 

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