Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's Headlines

Wired's First Impressions on NOOK Tablet
Indeed, the Nook Tablet is a serious, high-performing device for kids too young to sport a smartphone or iPad, and who don’t plow through enough books to warrant a Nook Simple Touch or plain-vanilla Kindle, but who could benefit from an inexpensive, highly mobile device that can do a little bit of everything.

Barnes & Noble Unveils Its Answer to Amazon's Kindle Fire
The Los Angeles Times
Company CEO William Lynch, Jr., knocked the Fire.  "The Kindle Fire is a vending machine for Amazon services — they've said it themselves," he said at the company's flagship store in New York's Union Square during the Nook Tablet unveiling. "In one word, we're more open" in allowing users to get their music and video content from wherever they want.

Barnes & Noble Finds Nook in Book Market
The Wall Street Journal
The NOOK Tablet has potential to fill a profitable niche in a still-fast-growing market. At $249, it's modestly more expensive than Kindle Fire at $199, but half the price of the iPad, which sells for $499 and up.

NOOK Tablet Ignites Latest Chapter in the Tablet Wars
The New York Times
The unveiling of the new tablet set up what is sure to be a heated competition between Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Apple, maker of the iPad, for the quickly expanding group of consumers who will shop for color tablets this holiday season. Amazon’s Kindle Fire retails for $199 and will start shipping next Monday.

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