Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today's Headlines

A Look at 10 High-End Android Tablets
The Register
There is really no such thing as a branded Android tablet. Instead, consumers have a range of devices from the usual Android suspects, including HTC, Samsung and Motorola, as well as machines from computer rather than phone wallahs, like Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Sony.  The end result is confusion in the mind of Joe Public

Japanese E-Commerce Giant Buys Kobo:  Watch Out Amazon?
Rakuten, the Japanese Internet services and e-commerce company, intends to acquire all issued and outstanding shares of Kobo for cash.  Kobo's services are available on Kobo-branded e-readers as well as other devices, including Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Research In Motion's PlayBook.

Airline Uses iPads as In-Flight Entertainment Device (and Cash Machine)
Jetstar, which travels mainly in Australia, will be offering iPads for use as in-flight entertainment devices for $10-$15 per flight.  Considering the cost for installing seat-back screens it may make good financial sense to approach airline-provided multimedia in this manner.

White Box Manufacturers May Push Harder into Tablet Market
White-box players in China are still set to launch new tablet PC products in the second quarter of 2012, according to sources from the supply chain in China.  Since the average cost of a 7-inch white-box tablet PC is only about U.S. $47 compared to Amazon's Kindle Fire, white-box tablet PCs still have an advantage in cost.

How Barnes & Noble's Retail Footprint Will Help It Battle Amazon
Walk into a Barnes & Noble and you’ll see shoppers browsing book tables or flipping through a stack of possible purchases while they sip a coffee from an in-store Starbucks. Many of those same customers are likely going to wander over to the Nook’s front-and-center location as well — even if they weren’t particularly in the market for an e-reader or Android tablet in the first place.

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