Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today's Headlines

The Inside Story of Why Microsoft's Tablet Died
The story of Microsoft's Courier has only been told in pieces. And nothing has been disclosed publicly about the infighting that led to the innovative device's death. This article was pieced together through interviews with 18 current and former Microsoft executives, as well as contractors and partners who worked on the project.

Verifone Buys Global Bay in Bid to Boost iPads at Retail
VeriFone, the largest maker of cash registers and other payment processing devices, has acquired Global Bay,  which develops software that helps retailers use alternate devices, such as iPads, as payment options.

5 Ways the New Nook Can Compete with the Kindle Fire
Reasons #1 and #2:  Focus on children; focus on women.

Apple May Lose Tablet Dominance
Apple will lose its overwhelming dominance of the consumer tablet space within the next three years, according to a prediction from analyst Jack Gold. His research note also predicts that Microsoft will own roughly 10 percent of the consumer tablet market by that 2014-2015.

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