Friday, November 4, 2011

Today's Headlines

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet to Be Announced Monday
It will cost $249; $50 more than Amazon's Kindle Fire.  But it will have more memory and a faster processor. 

Amazon's Next Kindle Fire Will Have Larger Screen
Amazon is likely to change its product roadmap by shifting the display size of its next-generation Kindle Fire to 8.9-inch instead of 10.1-inch as originally planned, according to sources in Amazon's supply chain.

Apple executives are saying that the lowpriced Kindle Fire  could actually be a good thing for the iPad because it introduces another level of fragmentation in the Android platform.

Like its predecessor, the Slate 2 isn't a tablet in the iPad mold, but a Windows 7 tablet PC that HP is pitching to the education, health-care, government and retail sectors. And until Microsoft launches Windows 8, the Slate 2 will likely be the only tablet-like device in the HP portfolio.

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