Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today's Headlines

Amazon, B&N Change Sales of E-Books on iPads and iPhones
The Wall Street Journal
Amazon.com Inc. and Barnes & Noble Inc. informed their customers that they had removed the "buy" links from their Apple apps on Monday. Kobo Inc., the Canadian e-book retailer, did the same over the weekend.

RIM Has Shipped Only 500,000 Playbook Tablets
The New York Times (8th paragraph down)
RIM has shipped only 500,000 PlayBooks but has not disclosed how many of them have been purchased by consumers and businesses.  Apple sold 9.25 million iPads during the last quarter. 

Consumers Eager for Amazon's Tablet
Retrevo, the consumer electronics shopping site, polled consumer about tablets and found that an Amazon tablet was what consumers wanted.  Price was critical as well.  Every time Retrevo asks consumers what would get them to buy a tablet, low price comes out on top of the list. In the most recent study, almost half (48%) of respondents said that $300 was the price point that would get them to consider an Android tablet over an iPad.

Why iPads Lead Sales of Android Tablets 24 to 1
The current buzz is that iPad sales may be 24 times as great as sales of Android tablets. According to this report, it's because Android tablets lack many features including a price advantage (see Retrevo poll in above item).  

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