Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today's Headlines

iPad Sales Surge in Quarter and Help Boost Apple Profit
The New York Times
Strong sales to shoppers in emerging markets and to business customers helped Apple extend its lengthy streak of stellar performance in its earnings report on Tuesday.  Sales of iPads nearly tripled to 9.25 million worldwide as Apple increased production and started clearing a backlog of orders dating from the March introduction of the new version, the iPad 2.

iPad Popularity Cutting into Sales of Apple Computers
Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said on Tuesday the company believes that some of the millions of customers that bought an iPad last quarter did so instead of buying a new Mac.
“It’s clear that some customers chose to purchase an iPad instead of a new Mac,” Cook said on a conference call with analysts.

"While I'll Never Buy an iPad"
PC World
Critic Eric Mack cites five reasons including price.  "...(M)y suspicion is that all tablets are overpriced, and prices will start dropping soon, but it will take a real serious competitor to the iPad to make that happen."

Key to Barnes & Noble Survival Will Be E-Reading
The Wall Street Journal
As reading moves ever faster from hardcovers and paperbacks to electronic gadgets, the retailer is attempting to reinvent itself as a seller of book downloads, reading devices and apps.  Good-bye bookworm staff.  Hello technologists. 

Lenovo to Offer 3 New Tablets
The Wall Street Journal
Chinese computer-maker Lenovo Group Ltd. on Wednesday unveiled three tablet devices it will sell globally, expanding its tablet push beyond China and intensifying competition in a device category led by Apple Inc.'s iPad.The tablets will run on either Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 7 software or Google Inc.'s Android operating system, and their starting prices will be similar to the iPad.

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