Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today's Headlines

HP's TouchPad Recruits Hipster Russell Brand to Hawk Tablet
The New York Times
HP has enlisted the quirky British comedian Russell Brand and other youthful celebrities in an attempt to provide the pizazz younger buyers look for when they choose personal devices. HP's “Everybody On” campaign will make its debut July 7 with a 30-second commercial on cable and network television. It features Mr. Brand, the droll, shaggy-haired actor, multitasking with the aid of his “digital manservant,” the TouchPad. 

Seven-Inch HP TouchPad Coming Later This Year
Taiwan Economic News
As the world`s largest PC brand, HP is now in the tablet PC arena after introducing the 9.7-inch Touch Pad, has ordered from a supplier for 400,000 to 450,000 Touch Pad tablet PCs per month, and will sometime in August launch seven-inch tablet PCs. Inventec will supply HP these two tablet PC models.

Apple Losing the App Store Trademark Battle
Apple best get used to the idea of seeing the term “app store” alongside Amazon’s brand, because it’s looking more and more like the battle it’s fighting to trademark the term is a losing one. A federal judge has rejected Apple's request for a preliminary injunction  that would prevent Amazon from using the “App Store” name to describe its Android apps storefront.

Politician's Son Sets World Record for iPad Typing
Nimble-fingered 15-year-old, Eduard Saakashvili, has set the Guinness world record for the fastest typing on an iPad (who knew?)   Eduard isn't your average teenager; he's the son of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.  

Panasonic to Introduce Its Toughbook Tablet in Q4
Joining the growing trend of PC makers making their own Android tablets, Panasonic has announced that it will launch the Panasonic Toughbook before the end of 2011.  The tablet will be geared towards enterprise users, and according to Panasonic, there’s a gap that needs to be filled in the market.

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