Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today's Headlines

Apple's Lion Pushes PCs Into Tablet Territory
The Wall Street Journal
Tech critic Walt Mossberg on why Lion is a giant step in the merger of the personal computer and post-PC devices like tablets and smartphones.He says it's a big change and a harbinger of things to come (especially from Microsoft). 

Pogue on the Lion:  It's Like Embracing the iPad
The New York Times
Tech critic David Pogue:  "In Lion, there are iPad-like multitouch gestures. Pinch four fingers to open Launchpad. Twist two to rotate. Swipe up with three fingers to open Mission Control, a clickable constellation of thumbnails that show all open programs and windows. And so on."

iPad Sales Soar to 11% of the PC Market
The San Francisco Chronicle
In January, the Chroncile estimated that the iPad cornered about seven percent of the PC market.  
Now, it's at 11%.

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