Monday, May 23, 2011

Today's Headlines

Barnes & Noble's Nook Lures Female Magazine Fans
The New York Times
The Nook Color has surprised publishers of women’s magazines like O, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health by igniting strong sales that rival — and in some cases surpass — sales on the iPad. The success was not so easily predictable for a device that has been on the market only since November and faces stiff competition from Apple, Amazon and the Android-based tablets.

Consumers Use Tablets as TV Companion
Nielsen Company Blog
Seventy percent of tablet owners and 68 percent of smartphone owners said they use their devices while watching television, compared to only 35 percent of e-reader owners.  Sixty-one percent of e-reader owners use their device in bed, compared to 57 percent of tablet owners and 51 percent of smartphone owners.

Foxconn Factory Explosion May Hurt iPad Production
An explosion Friday ripped through Foxconn, the Taiwan-based  electronic components manufacturer,  killing three workers at its Chengdu factory.  The blast hit the production line for the iPad and may be shut down for a month. 

Intel Eyeing Tablet Market
Intel is looking to shake up the mobile chip market, and has unveiled plans to introduce ten tablet computers and Intel chips made specifically for tablets and smartphones.

HP Boasts that Its TouchPad Will Be More than the Number 1 Tablet
"In the tablet world, we're going to become better than number one. We call it number one plus,"
boasted  HP's European chief, Eric Cador during a press conference in Cannes over the weekend. 
So far, HP hasn't announced pricing or availability, but a report last week from blog Pre Central featured an alleged internal Wal-Mart document showing the 32 GB TouchPad selling for $599.  
An App That Turns Your iPad2 into a 3-D Display
Business Insider

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