Monday, May 9, 2011

Today's Headlines

Can Tablets Become More Advertiser-Friendly?
The New York Times
Media columnist David Carr wonders if advertisers should pay the same CPM to reach an audience on a tablet computer compared to a print edition of a magazine.

Violence Marks Sales of iPad 2 in China
PC World
 A day after the iPad 2 launched in China the Sanlitun retail Apple Store was forced to temporarily close on Saturday after an alleged conflict broke out between iPad 2 scalpers and Apple Store employees. Scalpers buy iPad 2 tablets and resell them for a higher price to different markets where the iPad 2 is out of stock or not yet available.

Scientists Developing Paper Phone; Is the Paper Tablet Next?
Canadian researchers have invented a a smartphone prototype which is paper-thin, flexible and has a low-powered e-ink touchscreen display (Amazon's Kindle also uses an e-Ink display). The phone can be rolled up to fit into your pocket.  Is a paper tablet next?

Microsoft Should Buy RIM to Compete with Apple
Globe and Mail
Microsoft and RIM share an irksome problem called Apple.  Both companies recently disappointed investors, in part because of this problem. Both companies are struggling because they can't innovate with the vitality of Steve Jobs and Co. And both companies are desperate for a solution.

Rundown of Week's Top iPad Cases
This week’s iPad case roundup features a number of elegant leather accessories—some with unique designs and great features that make them both beautiful and functional.

Fortune's Apple Story Missing on the Web -- But You Can Buy It From Amazon
Last week Fortune published a deep dive into Apple, then made sure that many people who would care about it couldn’t read it: The story was available in the magazine’s print and iPad editions, but not on the Web

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