Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today's Headline

Dust Is Culprit in Explosion at Factory That Manufactures iPads
The New York Times
An explosion that killed 3 workers and injured 15 others last week at a Chinese factory that supplies products to Apple was caused by combustible dust, according to a preliminary investigation by the local authorities.  The shutdown has created worries about supply disruptions for some Apple products, including the iPad, which experts say was being produced at the Chengdu facility.

World's Worst-Named Tablet Gets Rave Review
TopComputer Tablets.com
Many manufacturers have conceived different designs and brands of tablets.  Despite the many choices, the Archos 70 Tablet outdoes them all.  It’s one of the best tablets currently available, due to its high manufacturing quality and great features...

Touch This!  Not That!  New Nook E-Reader Features Touch Screen and Low Price
Barnes & Noble today unveiled a smaller, relatively inexpensive Nook e-reader. Like the original Nook, the $139 "Simple Touch Reader" has a black-and-white screen for reading books. Unlike it, though, it's got a touch screen.

New Nook (Part 2):  If You Like Buttons, You'll Hate the New Nook
Writer Peter Kafka's take:  it's geared for people who find the Kindle too complicated.

More Magazines Offering iPad Subscriptions
Two Conde Nast titles, Wired and GQ, are the latest to begin offering yearly subscriptions instead of just single issue sales. 

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