Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today's Headlines

With Launch of Xoom Today, Motorola Starts Tablet Wars
The Wall Street Journal
The Journal's Walt Mossberg weighs in with his two cents about the coming battle for the multi-billion-dollar market: "I consider it the first truly comparable competitor to Apple's hit iPad. That is partly because it is the first iPad challenger to run Honeycomb, an elegant new version of Google's Android operating system designed especially for tablets."

Did Motorola Rush the Xoom to Market?
The respected blog offers a contrarian view of today's launch of the Xoom: "The problem with the Xoom isn't really about the core of the experience or the core of the hardware -- it's about the details. Too much in both the design (like those wonky buttons) or the software (like the feeling that this is all very much in beta) makes you wonder if this wasn't rushed out to market in order to beat the next wave from Apple. Regardless, there isn't much here for consumers right now."

Xoom Is Hollywood's Coolest Swag for Oscar Goodie Bag

PC Magazine
The world's first Honeycomb tablet will be present in gift bags given to a select few attendees of the Academy Awards Sunday evening.

Cheaper, Thinner iPad May Be in the Works

The Boston Herald
The Herald speculates about the size, thickness as well as improved speakers and an SD-card slot.

8 Neat iPad Apps on Sale Today
These include Paprika Recipe Manager and the game Risk (reducted from $6.99 to 99 cents)

Publishers Object to Apple Subscription Plan
Print CEO
Publishing analyst Bo Sacks speaks out about the Apple subscription plan: "I have said for years that if we as an industry don’t figure this out, some else will. Well, guess what? Someone else did."

Apple App Store Runs on a Break-Even Basis
The Mac Observer
The store is not a big profit generator according to the company's CFO Peter Oppenheimer.

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