Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today's Headlines

The iPad Competition Is Almost Here From RIM, H-P and Motorola
Chicago Sun-Times
A comprehensive look at three competitors poised to enter the tablet wars.

Xoom TV Commercial Is Scary....and Only 16 Seconds Long

Android Guys
Check out the new Xoom tv commercial on YouTube

Rumor: iPad 2 Delayed Until June

Design problems are reportedly the problem

HP's TouchPad Could Hit Shelves in April

Unwired View
Tis report contradicts earlier stories that HP's device would be out by the summer

Sports Illustrated Creates Android App for Xoom Tablet

News & Tech
WoodWing Software announces that the magazine. used its Tablet Publishing Solution and Android 3.0 Reader App platform

The Top Ten Apps That Will Change Your Life

The Wall Street Journal
Surprising selections from "Find My Car" to "The Good Food Guide 2011"

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